World-Class B2B Ecommerce Software Solutions That Will Help You Sell ‘x2’

If you are not familiar with the term b2b ecommerce software, then it is time for you to learn quickly. B2b ecommerce is the next big thing to follow after the success of ecommerce and it is expected to take the online market by storm soon. The meaning of b2b is businesses buying from businesses, but even with that b2b ecommerce portals have gotten an instant push because even small and medium sized procurers have started to opt for online channels since the digital procurement processes have been getting more and more simplified. If you are interested in creating your own b2b portal, you can easily do that by using one of the best b2b ecommerce software platforms and in this article, we will introduce you to three of them.


This is a great example of a b2b e-commerce software because it has the ability to combine the typical b2b facilities and provide them with an ecommerce interface and if you take this mix up in the right kind of portfolios, then this solution can definitely be a great one to use. If you decide to use this b2b ecommerce software then you will be able to bring all of your inventory, product information, order information and so on to the b2b platform by just performing a synchronization. Another great thing is that with this software you gen highly advanced reports and you get some great options like having orders be processed in parts or however your clients prefer to have them done.


This is a multi-purpose kind of b2b e-commerce software, since apart from it being a regular b2b platform, it also has the ability to serve your business as the perfect b2b ordering system. It can do this by integrating the orders that you have earned through your other sale channels, like POS, online stores, field sales, mobile apps, Amazon marketplace, subscriptions and so on. You also get some great marketing tools that include SEO and email marketing, as well as options for getting a real-time stock status, secured online payment gateways, package tracking and consolidated order history, and more.


This software was specifically built to accommodate specific b2b requirements like shipment support, multiple payment support, sales tax management module and more. Because of this, the GoCart b2b e-commerce software has the ability to centralize all order and inventory information across multiple different sales channels and combine them into a single interface. Some of the key features of this software things like smart search for easy finding of preferred products, complex sales tax support, a perfect CMR and order management system that also lets you fulfill orders a 100% and much, much more.

As you can see, the b2b software solutions come with many benefits and features and have a huge potential for great success, which is why now might be the best time for you to start considering going into the business and using one of these platforms will be the perfect starting point for you.