You Must Adopt To These Changes If You Want Your B2B Ecommerce Website to go Through 2018

B2b ecommerce, or businesses buying from businesses, has been something of a trend on its own, so much that it is even threatening to take over from ecommerce itself as the leader. The amount of money that people have been spending on b2b ecommerce platforms has increased dramatically over the last period, and it is expected to keep increasing even more, which means now is the time for you to invest in a b2b ecommerce business website as well. And once you do that, it will be a good idea to be in touch with what the latest trends are so that you can keep up with the competition.

Efficient onsite product search function

Nothing can chase away customers faster than them not being able to find what they are looking for. If they come to your site and are unable to find the products that they wanted to buy, then they will turn to your competitor’s sites immediately. That is why it is crucial for you to implement whatever improvements you can in order to improve your search functionality since this will also improve the overall user experience and will eliminate any confusion.

Use video marketing

With the way that the b2b marketplace has been growing, inbound marketing has become a must have for attracting customers, as well as converting and retaining them, and a major component of this inbound marketing is content marketing. Using content such as videos has become the man content marketing strategy and this is no surprise since in 2014 over 895.000 hours of some of the top b2b videos were watched. With research that shows that nearly half or b2b byers are watching 30 minutes or more of b2b related videos and almost 20% of them are watching over an hour worth of content, you’d be a fool not to implement this type of marketing for your own b2b ecommerce website.

Make your business model a subscription-based one

Giving your customers the option to subscribe to your b2b ecommerce website is a great idea, and this type of model has been gaining more and more popularity in the b2b marketplace. When a subscription business model you can make the entire purchasing process way easier and more convenient for your customers which they will surely appreciate, while also generating recurring revenue for your business in a predictable and profitable way.

Trends change every day and that is not different when it comes to b2b ecommerce. And as is the case in any other aspect of life, if you do not follow the newest trends you run the risk of falling behind, and since this is especially true when you are running a business, there few tips about the newest b2b ecommerce trends will definitely help your website to keep up with the competition.


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